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School Curriculum

IN ALL GRADES, KINDERGARTEN THROUGH 12TH, INSTRUCTION IS IN ENGLISH with Spanish given as a subject one period per day.


Kindergarten – A solid foundation in Arithmetic, English and Spanish is stressed in a formal classroom atmosphere.  Physical Education, Christian Education, and Art/Music are also offered. 


Grades 1 and 2 – The subjects stressed in these grades are English, Reading, Spelling, Spanish, Arithmetic, and Science. Physical Education, Art/Music and Christian Education are also offered. Social Studies is integrated to the other subjects.   


Grades 3 to 5 – A solid foundation in the basic subjects, including Science and Social Studies, continues to be stressed. Physical Education, Art, Music, Christian Education and Technology Education are also included among the requirements. 



Grades 6, 7 and 8— Emphasis on good character and sound habits is continued with encouragement of independent thinking.  The basics, including Introduction to Algebra, Science (General Science, Introduction to Life Biology, and Introduction to Earth Science), Geography, History, Spanish, and English Language Arts, Literature are continued to be stressed.  Physical Education is included among the requirements.  Physical Education, Art, Music, Christian Education and Technology Education are also included among the requirements.





Grade 9 – Literature, Language Arts, Spanish, Algebra I, Introduction to Physical Science, World History I, Computer Programming and Physical Education form the basic requirements. Italian is also offered at this level.


Grade 10 -- Literature, Language Arts, Spanish, Geometry, Biology, World History II and Computer Programming, Health form the basic requirements.


Grade 11 -- Literature, Language Arts, Spanish, Algebra II, Chemistry, US History, and Computer Programming form the basic requirements. Those students with high scores in mathematics and science in the 9th and 10th grades are eligible to take Algebra II-Pre Calculus. AP English language and composition is available for students with high scores and teacher’s recommendations.


Grade 12 -- Literature, Language Arts, Spanish, Puerto Rican History, and Pre-Calculus or Calculus form the requirements.  Seniors must take at least six courses.  Electives offered:  Physics, Computer Programming, AP Literature, AP Spanish (are also available for students with high scores and teacher’s recommendations.)


AP & HONOR COURSES -- All courses at ECS are intensive and accelerated; they provide the necessary preparation for national exams.  A limited number of AP and Honor courses are offered.  Participation in both AP and Honor courses is voluntary.  Enrollment in AP courses is limited to those who qualify through placement tests and teacher's recommendations.  Any student may take the “Nivel Avanzado” exam in their junior/senior year. Only students enrolled in AP courses may take AP exams. Honor courses are offered to those junior students after taking an intensive math course during the summer before their senior year.  This year's honor courses are Physics and Calculus for seniors only.


As a Church-owned School, Christian Education/Morals and Ethics classes are a requisite at all levels.


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