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The Physical Education Program




The Episcopal Cathedral School Physical Education Program runs from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. This program is designed to develop the student’s athletic skills, enhance their physical abilities, promote sportsmanship and teach basic sports history and rules.



Classes are generally taught on a weekly basis with each individual group participating in a fifty-minute class (minimum – depending on the school level).  At the lower grades, emphasis is placed on the development of motor skills and movement coordination.  Particular importance is given to the development of physical ability, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and speed.  The students participate in a variety of games, group activities, simple relays, and competitions that highlight their aptitude for throwing, jumping, running, bouncing, kicking and catching.  In addition to the basic development of skills, students are introduced to sports games such as volleyball, basketball, and kicking ball.  Varsity basketball and volleyball teams are organized at the upper levels.



The Physical Education department, aside from its curriculum-related duties, is in charge of organizing a number of recreational activities and clubs related to the sports theme.  Through these activities, coordinated by the Sports Club, the students demonstrate their athletic abilities, enhance their competitive skills and are provided with the opportunity to socialize in a structured environment outside the classroom.



The Sports Club is an organization in which the participating students are responsible for the planning of all sports activities during the school year. Overseen by the Physical Education teachers, this club coordinates events such as the Sports Week, the School Field Days, Intramural Tournaments and other recreational activities.  Participation in this club in on a volunteer basis and the organization is regarded as a vital part of the school community.




Sports Week is a week-long series of events beginning with the lighting of our “Olympic Torch”, generally by a local or internationally well-known sports figure, and followed by recreational and sports activities on and off campus.  These activities may include volleyball matches against other schools, visits by guest speakers and field trips to sports related venues.  At the Field Day, the students are given a chance to compete against each other in a variety of track and field events, also in swimming.



Parents are welcome to attend and participate along with their children in a competitive and pleasant environment.


All sports and recreational activities at our school are extremely popular among the entire school community and contribute to the further enhancement of our school spirit and the accomplishment of our school vision and mission.


Physical Education Program



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