To the ECS community:

The Episcopal Cathedral School still has that something after twelve years. The yellow building is now white and gray, yet the imposing tower viewed from the streets of Santurce stands out. I return to ECS with a commitment of staying the course. As in any journey there will be challenges since we live in challenging times. Challenges bring forth opportunities for solution of problems with innovation, responsibility, and empathy.

The ECS faculty and staff are totally committed to its mission “to inspire in our students a lifelong love for learning; to invite students to deepen their relationship with God; to encourage each student’s social, cultural and physical development; to challenge our students to become leaders, living as human beings of conscience, compassion and action.”

My purpose will be to work in providing to our students, faculty, and staff the opportunities in which they can excel and comply with our mission. I wish to thank the parents for placing their trust, of that which is most sacred to them, their children, in our school.

Let’s make this a great year. We are ECS, we are family!


Rafael Miranda