Dear ECS Family,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am thrilled to be welcoming students back to school as your new Headmistress! We have eagerly anticipated the full re-opening of our school campus. I recognize that the circumstances surrounding COVID made our last academic year a challenge. It was not what we expected nor hoped for, but with the parent’s and caregiver’s help we ensured your child’s success. I look forward to a continued partnership in order to achieve their highest potential.

Our administration, faculty and staff have worked diligently to prepare for this upcoming academic year. The school campus has been painted a new color (Gray and White) by the Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico this past semester. This is a big milestone, because our “yellow castle” nickname which has been used by our alumni for many years, is now subject to change. During the pandemic, the campus was able to be maintained and fully operational by our staff. The Episcopal Cathedral School is proud to announce that it complies with the local Government and Health Department protocols it requires in order to offer in person classes. Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the ECS re-opening guidelines in order to familiarize themselves with the school safety measures and expectations this August.

We also have great news! Our prestigious honor to be nationally recognized for our academic standards remains. This past March we were evaluated and congratulated once again by accrediting agencies of CADIE and Middle States Assoc. We thank all the families and the entire faculty and staff for all their hard work in this very arduous process. A few new faculty members have joined our team at school and we have their full support in continuing our ECS traditions. Our goal is to begin quickly by measuring and targeting our student’s grade-level skills in order to close the gaps observed via online learning last year.

Our commitment to offer the finest preparation for college while inspiring students to grow a lifelong passion for learning while also inviting them to deepen their relationship with God is the key to our success every year. Our students need the encouragement to develop the social, cultural and physical development they missed while being away. This is what it takes to become leaders and beings of conscience with compassion and action. We kindly ask that as parents you continue to support our mission and vision and look forward to a brighter and more “normal” school year.

Wishing you all much health and many blessings,

Mrs. Santiago, Headmistress